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Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier

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Not to be confused with Arachnid JELLY, the Spider JAM is a totally awesome little 75-watt amp, loaded with 12 killer amp models and 7 Smart Control effects. You can load up one of the Spider JAM’s 400 presets and rock out to the Line 6-exclusive Endless Jam Engine – a sweet 28-minute looper/recorder. Plus, the Spider JAM’s got an 1/8″ aux input for your iPod, and a mic input, so you can lay out your next great song idea without ever touching a computer. All told, the Spider JAM is great practice/rehearsal tool, whereas you can only spread Arachnid JELLY on toast… and it’s really gross.
Spider Jam is the ideal partner for any level of guitarist who wants to perfect their skills. With its revolutionary Endless Jam engine and onboard multitrack loop recorder, Spider Jam is always ready to back you with over 100 built-in grooves laid down by top L.A. and Nashville session aces. From country to funk – blues to punk – these authentic backing tracks are the perfect accompaniment and inspiration for practicing, composing or simply having fun playing guitar.

When it’s time to take your technique from the woodshed to the stage, Spider Jam is also ready for the call. Backed by a powerful 75-watt power section and a 12″ Custom Celestion speaker, the loud-and-proud Spider Jam is more than able to hold its own in a full band setting.

And like other amps in the Spider III family, Spider Jam features hundreds of rock star-approved presets, 12 distinct amp models, Smart Control effects and a built-in tuner. Packed with insane rock star sounds, Spider Jam is the perfect combination of practice tool and gigging amp.

Spider Online Included Free

Spider owners also get free access to Spider Online, a unique online resource offering over 500 guitar lessons, amp tones, jam tracks and more. Watch videos of top artists dialing in their signature tones. Spark new inspiration with jam tracks, drum-and-bass grooves and drum loops played by top session musicians, plus hundreds of downloadable tones. Lessons cover all genres and styles and include tabs, audio samples and tones. Spider Online has something for everyone – and it’s free for owners of any Spider amp, including Spider I through IV, Spider Valve™, Spider Jam™ and Micro Spider™.


  • 100 + Endless Jams created by pro rhythm sections
  • Looping recorder with 28 minutes of capture capacity
  • Guitar and Aux instrument inputs
  • Microphone input with trim control and dedicated effects
  • 12 distinct amp and cabinet models
  • 7 Smart Control FX models including Tape Echo, Multi-Tap, Sweep Echo, Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb
  • 250 artist-created tones
  • 36 programmable presets
  • 75-watt power section
  • 12″ Custom Celestion® speaker
  • 2″ tweeter for full range audio on jam tracks
  • On-board tuner
  • CD/MP3 Input jack
  • Stereo 1/4″ and headphone jack outputs

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