Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

Double basses typically require you to stand while playing. This can be very tiring for hours on end during rehearsal so if you want a reprieve, we recommend getting a double bass stool. These provide a convenient way for you to take a break while the rest of the orchestra practices a section and some even offer rest for your bass. However, there are a lot of double bass stools on the market so we want to help you find the best double bass stool. You never know what chair will feel most comfortable or will be the right height for a bass player. We hope to solve this problem by reviewing some of the best double bass stools.

What We Looked For

  • Height: Having a bass stool at the right height is critical to relieving fatigue. We took stool height into consideration when developing our list of the best bass stools. Most of the stools we evaluated featured adjustable heights.
  • Comfort: Another major factor in reducing fatigue is the level of cushioning used on the bass stool. We only evaluated bass stools that had sufficient padding.
  • Durability: We wanted to make sure that the bass stools that we recommend could withstand the test of time. The stools below are durable enough to last through continued usage.
  • Price: Everything else double bass related is really expensive, so we wanted to make sure that the bass stools we recommend are affordable.

Using the above criteria we evaluated six different double bass stools which you can find below. We hope you find a bass stool that is comfortable enough for you!

Best Double Bass Stools

Vestil CPRO-800LP Ergonomic Stool

Our favorite bass stool is this Vestil. Traditionally recommended for workers, it works great as a double bass stool. It is extremely durable and very adjustable, able to go from 18 inches high to 33 inches high. It can hold up to 300lbs.

The stool has four rubber shock absorbers under the seat that allow it to adjust to any movement by the person sitting. Perfect for getting up to turn the page during rehearsal.

The stool also is very portable. It can be folded to a depth of 4 inches and only weighs 20 lbs.

vestil-cpro-800lp-chair-168x300 Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

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Shar Music Bass Stand/Stool

This bass stool was designed specifically for bass players by a professional bass player. It is not a multi-purpose stool and is meant only for the double bass.

The stool serves as both a stool for the bass player as well as stand for the double bass when not in use.

The main downside to this bass stool is that it isn’t very portable. Unlike the other stools on this list, this stool does not fold nor is the height adjustable. We love it because of its intended design, but keep these flaws in mind when deciding which stool to buy.

shar-music-bass-stand-and-stool-174x300 Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

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Odyssey DJCHAIR Adjustable Dj Chair

A favorite among high school double bass teachers, the Odyssey DJCHAIR plays double duty as a favorite among both DJs and double bass players.

As the most affordable double bass stool on this list, the DJCHAIR is adjustable from 19 inches to 33 inches so it can be used by bass players of any size. The padded seat is extremely comfortable and can be removed for portability.



odyssey-DJChair-300x300 Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

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Quik Lok DX749


The Quik Lok DX749 is another well-built adjustable double bass stool. As the name would suggest, this stool quickly folds into a compact form factor that is only 27 lbs.


quik-lok-dx749-seat-300x300 Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

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K&M Performance Stool

The K&M Performance Stool was specifically designed for musicians, in particular, bass players. Its spring-loaded pneumatic seating-raising mechanism makes it extremely easy to adjust the seat to the proper height using only one hand. In fact, the seat angle can be adjusted as well as the footrest, making this one of the most comfortable stools on this list.

The stool is made of a sturdy steel construction that can support up to 300lbs. The stool itself only weighs 21lbs, making it light enough to be portable. The seat even folds down so that you can slide the seat into tight places for storage.

km-performance-stool-200x300 Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

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Pyle PKST70 Stool


A versatile stool, the Pyle PKST70 can be used by almost any instrument that requires a seated position. It features a padded seat and backrest that can be adjusted from 18″ to 30″. The seat folds up and the frame collapses for easy storage. The whole seat weighs about 27lbs.

pyle-pkst70-stool-300x300 Best Double Bass Stools Review 2023

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