10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Whether you are searching for a new set of bass strings or just bought a new bass that needs strings, then you have come to the right place! We have tried some of the best bass guitar strings available today – from GHS to Ernie Ball – and have assembled our insights into the following article.

So what makes the best bass string? It really depends on your instrument and personality. Some strings work better for certain instruments and people. When you are first starting out on bass guitar, you will need some recommendations and that’s why we’re here. However, even if you have been playing bass for some time, odds are you may have discovered a most loved brand or what you feel is the best string for you, but it’s constantly worth testing others – or if nothing else perusing about them – to check whether a different brand could suit your style better.

However, even if you have been playing bass for some time and have discovered bass guitar string brand you love, it is worth testing others to see whether a different brand could suit your style better.

Continue perusing for a guide on the most proficient method to locate the correct strings for you and some brand audits, just underneath our graph highlighting five prominent bass string sets on special today.

Below is a list of the top bass guitar strings that we have ranked based on multiple factors including playability, durability, sound quality, and price. While these are our favorite bass strings, you may find that different strings sound better with your bass guitar. We suggest that you try many different types of bass strings in order to find the best ones for you.

Bass StringIdeal For
1. D’Addario EXL160All Levels
2. Dean Markley Blue SteelIntermediate/Advanced
3. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky NickelBeginner/Intermediate
4. GHS Strings M3045FIntermediate/Advanced
5. Rotosound RS66LFAll Levels
6. D’Addario EPS165Beginner
7. Ernie Ball Super Slinky NickelAll Levels
8. Elixir StringsIntermediate/Advanced
9. DR StringsAll Levels
10. Fender 7250MBeginner

Best Bass Guitar Strings Review

1. D’Addario EXL160 Bass Guitar Strings

daddario-nickel-wound-bass-guitar-strings-272x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: All Levels

As one of the world’s well-known guitar string producers, it’s nothing unexpected that D’Addario make some of the best bass strings on the market as well. Their strings are made in America and can be found on basses around the world. Their most famous bass string brand, the XL Nickel Wound, is known as ‘The Player’s Choice’ among bass players of all levels and styles. The strings are particularly brilliant and have a flexible tone.

If you’re looking for a smoother tone, the XL Nylon Tape Wound strings offer a warm tone that is exceptionally powerful for orchestra and jazz bass players. If you’re craving a profound bass tone and sustain, you should try the D’Addario’s advanced, ultra-solid NYXL strings.

2. Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric Bass Strings

dean-markley-blue-steel-300x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: Intermediate/Advanced

Dean Markley is famous for their bass strings, which are still made by hand. They have a tremendous scope of string sets, each with their particular advantages and attributes, including Lo-Riders, Sunbeams, and Fat-Beams.

The Blue Steels in particular are our highly recommended string set because of their durability and sound quality. These strings provide a great punchy sound while still feeling smooth to the touch. The strings last about two times longer than any other bass string because they are cryogenically frozen to minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit. This process also causes the molecules to realign, making the Blue Steel strings have more highs and lows.

3. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Bass Strings

ernie-regular-slinky-bass-300x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: Beginner/Intermediate

This renowned Californian string brand has been doing business since 1962 are as yet delivering awesome strings for basses, with top offering specialists utilizing them in front of an audience and for recording – including Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor, and Maroon 5’s Mickey Madden. Ernie Ball’s has a bass string set to suit everybody, including whatever scale, gauge, material or style of bass you play.

The Regular Slinky bass strings are made of the most popular bass string alloy and have a very well-balanced sound. They are manufactured in Ernie’s Southern California factory and are wound with nickel-plated steel.

4. GHS Strings M3045F

GHS-Strings-M3045F-Nickel-Plated-Bass-Guitar-Strings-233x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: Intermediate/Advanced

The long-running string brand GHS was built up in Michigan in 1964, and still delivers awesome bass strings today, with a gigantic range that is difficult to beat. Their acclaimed Bass Boomers are a standout amongst the most prevalent bass strings available today, coming in a wide range of scale lengths and gages, and also five and six string sets. These Boomers are the great ‘power string,’ made with round wound nickel-plated steel on a fortified center, offering amazing volume and maintain. GHS has an unending program of expert, top-offering specialists and groups that utilization their bass strings, including Andrew W.K., the Goo Dolls, Rancid, Soundgarden, and, a standout amongst the most acclaimed bassists ever, Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Truth be told, Flea – known for his funk-punk lead bass playing – has his own named set of GHS strings: the M3045F Flea Signature Bass Boomers. These strings feature Flea’s preferred gauges and are made with nickel-plated steel on a hex core.

5. Rotosound RS66LF Swing 66 Bass Strings

swing-66-bass-strings-300x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: All Levels

Rotosound is an exceptionally renowned British bass string brand, conceived in England in 1958. They have a long history of delivering quality bass strings utilized by famous players and exemplary groups, including Thin Lizzy, The Who, Queen, Duran, Slade, Fun Loving Criminals, and Weezer. Rotosound have the notoriety for spearheading new ideas, and hold the award of being the principal string organization to create round wound strings, with their Swing Bass 66 being a standout amongst the most well-known round wound bass strings ever, and accessible available today in a wide range of gauge and scale length.

Another awesome string arrangement offered by Rotosound that picks up a ton of acclaim is their Jazz Bass 77, which offers a warm and fat tone, ideal for jazz. For beginners searching for a set that sounds great but doesn’t be excessively expensive, the RotoBass scope of strings is profoundly prescribed. In fact, bassist Billy Sheehan and Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris have their own signature RotoSound sets!

6. D’Addario EPS165 ProSteels

DAddario-EPS165-ProSteels-272x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: Beginner

Another bass guitar string set by D’Addario, the EPS165 ProSteels strings are great options for beginners who need reliable strings that sound great.

The EPS165 strings combine the EPS170 and EPS160 sets for a hybrid combination of tone and feel. They are D’Addario’s brightest and most magnetic bass strings and come in the following guages: .045, .065, .085, .105. These strings offer beautifully rich harmonies with deep and penetrating tones.

D’Addario was named ‘The Players Choice’ for their superior bass guitar strings and extreme popularity among professional bass players.

7. Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Bass Strings

ernie-super-slinky-1-300x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: All Levels

Ernie Ball has unparalleled affected the advancement of both guitar and bass strings. By the time he was in high school, Ernie Ball was already a seasoned musician who played professionally in LA. At 19, he accepted a position playing the pedal steel for the Tommy Duncan band.

As well as being an accomplished musician, Ball was also an entrepreneur, opening what could be called the premier guitar store in the nation. Being a guitar salesperson, he saw that some players needed smaller gauge strings. He launched his own string company after being rejected by Gibson and Fender, and promptly became a standout amongst the most outstanding pioneers in the music world. His strings are accessible in each music store in the nation and have been utilized by some of the most vital artists ever. Everybody from Adam Levine to Eric Clapton has utilized Ernie Ball strings, notwithstanding a huge number of artists the world over.

His strings are available in most guitar stores and have been utilized by some of the most vital artists ever. Everybody from Adam Levine to Eric Clapton has utilized Ernie Ball strings, notwithstanding a huge number of artists the world over.

The Super Slinky string set in particular is a favorite among professional bass players. They were used both by Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus and Maroon 5’s Mickey Madden. The strings consist of nickel plated steel wrapped around a tin plated high carbon steel core for a balanced tone that compliments all electric bass types and playing styles.

8. Elixir Strings

elixir-bass-guitar-strings-264x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: Intermediate/Advanced

When Elixir started making bass guitar strings in 1995, they didn’t set out to reinvent the bass string industry. Elixir originally tried to create a superior push-pull link (also called a Bowden link, which interprets mechanical constraint. When the company realized the potential their technology had for bass strings, they explored ways of covering the string, which while the early endeavors resulted in a dull sounding string. However, engineers at Elixir saw that the strings profited from extended life span. In the end, they exchanged apparatuses and chosen to advertise a covered string with an enhanced covering. As it’s been said, the rest is history. The organization has immediately picked up a notoriety for giving some of the longest enduring strings available, and Elixir Nickel Plated Bass Strings are no special case.

In the end, they chose to advertise the string covering as NANOWEB and immediately the strings were recognized as one of the longest lasting strings available. Elixir has built their technology into several bass string varieties, but we think the basic Elixir Strings Nickel Plated bass strings perform best.

The most striking element of these strings is that they’re covered with Elixir’s protected NANOWEB covering. This covering not only enhances the lifespan of Elixir’s strings, but  provides a smooth, natural feel that also enhances grip. These strings have a rich, rounded tone with incredible clarity and a heavy mid-range presence.

9. DR Strings Bass Strings

dr-black-beauties-bass-strings-257x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: All Levels

Started by the son of Al Dronge (originator of Guild Guitars) Mark Dronge, DR strings have gained notoriety for making some of the most moderate handcrafted guitar strings. Based in Emerson, New Jersey. Bragging a remarkable visual interest, DR Strings Black Beauties have been used by tons of professional bass players including Geezer Butler, bassist of Black Sabbath.

The first thing you’ll notice about these strings is that they’re dark black. DR Black Beauties are covered with a patent pended polymer, which means to repeat the life span of covered strings without cutting the top of the line frequencies or presenting undesirable hints. The DR Black Beauties are a nickel covered string, which brings about a reasonable tone that remaining parts warm. More on the tone of these strings in the accompanying area.

The DR Black Beauties are round wound strings, which make them considerably more nibble. These strings are not good for jazz or orchestral music, but they are great for songs that require more clearness or bite.

10. Fender 7250M

fender-7250m-262x300 10 Best Bass Guitar Strings 2023

Recommended For: Beginner

Fender 7250M bass strings are a great all-around bass string. Made by the greatest guitar and bass guitar maker, the 7250Ms are particularly good for rock, funk, and any style in which the bass needs to cut through.  They pack bright highs and a thunderous low end.

What to look for in bass strings?

If you have recently begun playing bass, you may notice that bass strings are somewhat more costly than a typical arrangement of strings for electric guitars. This is on account of bass guitar strings are heavier and have higher gauges, accordingly requiring more materials to make.

Bass guitar string material

This mostly depends on preference. Different metals make different sounds and hence suit different styles of music. For instance, the most mainstream decision for present day bassists is nickel-plated steel, which offers a very much adjusted tone, somewhere amongst warm and splendid, making it a superb all-rounder for everything from shake to blues.

Another stylish bass string material is immaculate nickel, which gives the strings a hotter, ‘softened up’ tone and is consequently sublime for vintage sounds, similar to 50’s and 60’s exemplary shake and fly, and also a wide range of down-home music. Stainless steel strings – which are exceptionally powerful to slap and to pop methods – offer a brilliant sound, so are useful for the shake, funk and metal players, and additionally jazz bassists. There are a lot of other metals that you can choose from. For example, chrome, titanium, cobalt, and copper-plated steel, which all have different tonal attributes.


Similar to guitar, bass strings come in different gauges, and the thickness you pick will influence how your bass performs. An arrangement of medium strings, which would have a common gauge of around .045-.105, is a decent place to start as these permit simple playing with enough flexibility in tone.

However, more experienced bassists will do better with a little experimentation. For instance, if you are a lead bassist, mostly playing strolling bass lines and slapping, a lighter gauged set of strings (around .040-.100) would be better. However, if you are a heavy metal bassist, heavier strings will adapt better to low tunings and forceful playing, and offer a heavier tone. A gauge of around .050-.110 is what you should get in this case.

Keep in mind, if you are playing with a five or six-string bass, you’ll have a lot more gauge options. You may see an additional fifth string with a bulky gauge of .115, or a light 6th string with a .028 thickness.


The most common string winding for bass players is round wound strings. For jazz bassists and those looking for smooth, vintage tones, flat wound strings might be a better bet. You’ll learn more about the different string windings, centers, and what they mean below.


At last, despite the fact that it might appear glaringly evident, you must remember that bass strings come in sets with specific scale lengths – long, medium, and short. To discover the scale length of your bass, measure the length between the nut and scaffold seats, or find it in the specs description on the website where you bought it. Despite the fact that scale lengths change, you’ll usually see short (32″ and underneath), medium (32″ to 24″), and long (34″ to 36″) lengths recorded on string packs. If in question, you can visit your nearest bass guitar shop to ask.


When looking for new bass strings, it’s best to experiment with a couple of different brands, gauges, and materials to discover a set of strings that makes your bass sound amazing. This doesn’t need to be at the same time – you can try as many sets as you need over however long you want, contingent upon your financial situation and how regularly you play.



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