Best Bass Guitar Stands & Wall Mounts 2023

Bass guitars can be heavy instruments and having to put them away in their cases every time you are finished playing can become annoying very quickly. You may also want to show off your beautiful bass guitar by displaying for anyone to see on a beautiful wall mount. Regardless of why you want one, bass guitar stands and wall mounts are great accessories that make storing your instrument when not in use very simple. No more messing with bass guitar case latches or hiding your bass guitar away in a closet somewhere. Bass guitar stands easily hold up your bass guitar so storing your instrument is as simple as putting your bass guitar on the stand or hanging it on the wall. Below you’ll find a list of the best bass guitar stands and wall mounts that you can use for storing your bass guitar.

Best Overall Bass Guitar Stand

A basic, no-frills bass guitar stand that will serve you for years. It comes apart into three pieces so it very portable. The stand’s friction locking knob prevents rotation and a strap across the top prevents the bass guitar from falling forward. You can’t beat the value of this bass guitar stand for the price.

• Affordable
• Portable
• Durable

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Best Bass Guitar Wall Mount

The String Swing CC01K-BW is a stylish wall mount for your bass guitar. It is extremely sturdy and features a deep cradle so that your bass guitar is kept snuggly on the wall mount. Just screw the hardwood block to the wall of your music room and you’re good to go!

• Strong mount
• Deep cradle
• Easy to use

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Best Double Bass Guitar Stand

If you have two bass guitars, maybe one electric and one acoustic, then this is the bass guitar stand for you. The heavy-duty design easily supports the weight of two bass guitars and the stand can be easily folded for transportation. This is a great stand for performances where you may have multiple instruments on-stage.

• Holds 2 bass guitars
• Heavy-duty
• Compact

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Other Bass Guitar Stands

AmazonBasics Folding A-Frame Bass Guitar Stand

Amazon seems to make everything, including bass guitar stands. Quite an affordable stand at less than $12, this AmazonBasics bass guitar stand is a great stand for anyone. It comes with 3 width settings so that you can easily adjust it to fit most bass sizes, both electric and acoustic. It has soft foam arms to protect your bass and can be folded for easy transportation.

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LC Prime Guitar and Bass Hanger

The LC Prime guitar and bass wall mount is a practical wall mount that features an auto-locking mechanism on the front so your bass won’t slide off the mount. It is super easy to install using only two screws and mounts far enough from the wall to prevent your instrument from bumping against the wall. The arms are cushioned to further protect your bass guitar.

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ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Bass Guitar Stand

The ChromaCast CC-MINIGS bass guitar stand is a fairly basic stand that does the job of holding your bass. It features a standard A-frame to stabily support your bass and includes a locking mechanism so that the A-frame does not collapse. It quickly folds flat for storage and transportation. The stepped yoke securely fits most electric and acoustic bass guitars.

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ChromaCast 2 Tier Adjustable Upright Bass Guitar Stand

Another ChromaCast bass guitar stand, the 2 Tier model features an additional support arm that extends along the back of the bass so that you can support the neck. A rubber neck guard locking latch helps to keep the neck in place. The lower supports comfortably cradle your instrument so you never have to worry about another accident.

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Regardless of which bass guitar stand or wall mount you choose, you’ll want to make sure it has ample padding and that you thoroughly test it before you use it. Regardless of the positive reviews about the stand/wall mount, it could easily have been damaged in shipping. You don’t want to find out that you have a defective stand or wall mount by finding your precious instrument smashed on the ground.


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