Bass Tuner

This online bass tuner makes it easy to tune your bass guitar or double bass on the go. Simply press “Play” below next to the note you want to hear, tune your bass, and press “Stop” once you’re done. It’s that simple to tune your bass.

G: 97.9Hz
D: 73.4Hz
A: 55Hz
E: 41.2Hz

How Do You Tune Your Bass?

The online bass tuner we share above will help you get into tune, but how do you do it? These steps will guide you to tuning your bass.

  1. Beginning by tuning the G string on your bass. Click “Play” next to the G above to hear theĀ  pitch.
  2. Turn the gear for the G string to match the pitch while plucking the string or playing with the bow. If you don’t think it’s getting closer to sound being played, try turning the gear the other way.
  3. Repeat for the remainder of the strings.

Here are some videos on how to tune your bass guitar or double bass in case you need to see how it’s done.

Best Portable Bass Tuner

We highly recommend the Korg TM50 as a great portable tuner that you can back in your bass bag. We also have a guide on our partner site about the best tuners for bass.

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Best Tuner Apps

Sometimes you don’t want to carry another device around with you and would rather use your phone. In that case, read about our favorite tuner apps here. That way you can just download a app right to your phone and have it ready whenever you need it.

tonalenergy-tuning-app Bass Tuner


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