Best Bass Guitar Picks

Whether you will engage in a hardcore performance or you are just rehearsing for a show, you should ensure that all pieces of equipment are complete. Aside from your bass guitar, cord, and your amplifier, a bass guitar pick should be a part of your set.

Bass guitar picks, albeit small and handy, actually provide a significant impact on both the method of the player and the tone of the music being played. Fortunately, there many bass guitar players which are currently sold on the market. Since deciding on which tool to use is quite a daunting task, we have put together a list of the best bass guitar picks for your perusal.

Bass guitar picks come in a variety of designs. Due to the quantity of bass guitar picks on the market, it could be tough to determine which among them would be the most suitable and the most optimized for long-lasting use. Because of this, we have put together a list of the ten best bass guitar picks on the market so you can buy the best.

Our Criteria for the Best Bass Guitar Picks

When looking for the best bass guitar picks on the market, you should consider studying the features they have. Each of these bass guitar picks has definite features and styles which may satisfy the preference of a bass guitar player. To guide bass guitar players on how to pick the best bass guitar pick, you should consider the following features.


The construction of the electric violin is one of the primary features which you should look

Many of the guitar picks are usually made up plastic or nylon. However, several bass guitar picks use more advanced materials to ensure durability and consistency in their performance.

For instance, the Tortex pick is known for its unique powdery texture which provides friction to the strings. Its surface also helps players to grip the pick more securely. Nylon picks deliver a brighter sound. They are more flexible and are more textured so that they will not slip out easily. Celluloid is another material used in making picks. Celluloid picks are known to be durable and flexible. These picks remain to be one of the most commonly used picks today.


A thicker pick is more recommended when choosing for one for your bass guitar. Thicker picks usually produce heavier sounds. You could make dynamic and compressed sounds which have few transients. A thinner pick is recommended for strumming acoustic guitars because they usually produce a lighter and sometimes powerful tone.


The shape of your bass guitar pick should also be taken into consideration. Picks with pointed tips provide control and precision on single-note lines. Triangle-shaped picks are more progressive in nature, yielding less drag. Picks shaped like equilateral triangles tend to have more than one style of the contact surface.

These are just some of the features which you should take into consideration when you are looking for the best bass guitar picks on the market. However, it should be noted that the ultimate choice on which bass guitar pick to choose from will depend on the preference of the bass guitar player who will use it.

Pick Geek Guitar Picks are a set which includes a set of 16 quality celluloid picks in eight highly customized and beautifully colored designs. The picks come in four different thicknesses and weights, providing users with a variety of picks to choose from. Bass guitar players could choose from thicknesses such as extra heavy, heavy, medium, and thin. The picks are secured in a unique metal box that would fit conveniently in any pocket. The box could be opened by pressing on the center of the lid and then sealed by clutching gently on the sides. Aside from being used for bass guitars, the picks could also be utilized with electric and acoustic guitars.

Designed for stringed instruments such as bass guitars, the Fender 351 Shape Premium Picks deliver a comfortable and familiar feel. The picks also offer a smooth striking surface and a warm and round musical tone. The set comes with 351 picks of various shapes, designs, and thickness. The heavy-gauge picks, in particular, are rigid and tough, providing an excellent attack and a smoother tone when used on a bass guitar. Moreover, these picks provide flexibility and comfort for every performer in order to deliver a stunning performance.

Designed for smooth release, the Dunlop Big Stubby Picks provide an exceptionally positive attack so that it could deliver super-fast licks. A set of such picks come in a 24-piece pack or a 6-piece pack. With three different levels of thickness, players could experiment which size fits their preference well. Its Lexan feature provides superior durability and strength. On the other hand, it is equipped with a powerful, gripping surface that would allow players to use it easily without slipping off. The thickness of the picks makes them usable for bass guitars.

The Pick Geek TRIO includes three sets of guitar picks for your bass guitar:  a Pick Geek Celluloid set, a Pick Geek Jazz set, and a Pick Geek Delrin (Tortex) set. Each set contains 16-18 various picks. These sets are packed in a beautifully crafted cylinder box. The picks come in four different levels of thickness including extra heavy, heavy, medium, and light. They also come in various color designs. These selections provide guitar players with enough options to choose from. Due to its celluloid and Delrin materials, players are ensured of firm picks that are comfortable to use.

The Tanbi Music Guitar Picks Pack includes 50 attractive guitar picks that come in four different sizes. The gauge of the picks ranges from medium to heavy. It also comes in four different sizes. The picks are made up of premium celluloid material which is constructed to resist breaks and tears. Due to their features and their relatively wide range of options, you could easily find the right pick which you could use when playing with your bass guitar. Moreover, these picks provide your music with a warm and rich tone. Its classic shape is designed to suit all players.

Dunlop 431P1.14 Tortex Triangle Pack includes several picks which provide maximum memory and minimum wear. They come in various sizes in order to suit the preference of each guitar player. Moreover, such picks are designed for those who want a bigger gripping surface on their picks. A favorite brand among top bass guitar players in the world, such picks deliver consistency and flexibility. These traits are essential in creating a smooth tone. The picks are attractive and highly visible due to its purple and triangle design. Guitar players could avail of a 72-piece pack or a 6-piece pack, whichever they prefer.

The Alice Bass Guitar Picks Plectrum are large picks designed to provide durable yet efficient picks for bass guitar players who are into rock and heavy metal genres. The picks are made of clear materials, and they come in several levels of thickness. Due to their durability and gauges, players are ensured that these picks would last a long time. Moreover, its design feels good in the hands. Each pack contains 40 guitar picks. These picks are stored in a grid case with ten divisions.

The Honbay Felt Picks are designed for stringed instruments such as the bass guitar, electric guitar, and bass. These felt picks are firm and durable, offering a long-lasting instrument for rehearsals and performances. Due to its thick size, the pick is most recommended to be used for bass guitars in order to produce a softer sound. Its colors black, white, and gray would suit the bass guitar players who are looking minimal yet efficient picks. Each pack contains nine picks, three for each color.

MoozikPro Celluloid Guitar Picks are designed with a smooth and striking surface with a round musical tone, providing a traditional tone and feel that only picks made of celluloid could provide. Its wide shape and its selection of thickness provide plenty of surfaces so that guitar players could hold it securely. The picks are not only durable and strong, but they are also flexible when used. The picks also come in a variety of colorful pearl designs. Each set of picks come in a pack of 30 or 60 guitar picks.

These Pick Geek Premium Picks are designed for instruments such as electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. The picks come in four different thickness: extra heavy, heavy, medium, and light. They come in 14 different stunning designs of varying colors. Moreover, they are offered in two complimentary materials: celluloid and Delrin. The picks are designed to be durable to avoid being broken easily. Each pack of this kit includes 50 premium guitar picks, a unique holder bag, and a free steel guitar pick.


With this list of the best bass guitar picks, you are guaranteed a bass pick that you will use everyday. Whichever pick you end up choosing, make sure that you test it before you use it with your bass guitar. Having a pick improves your performances greatly, so you want to make sure that you choose a quality one.


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